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What parents are saying about
The HomeScholar
DianeDiane in Altman

Diane in Altman

"You have created such an incredible resource and I'm thrilled to be mentored through these high school years. It's obvious you are a woman of great excellence. I believe you offer so much to the homeschool community and you obviously care deeply about the education of those choosing to educate their children at home."


What parents are saying about The HomeScholar's books

Setting the Records Straight

Lee Binz Author
"I think that if you’re homeschooling high school, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out this book. Other homeschoolers agree. Setting the Records Straight is one of the few books I’ve seen on Amazon with a 4.9 star rating, probably because it answers a great need and answers it well."
Annie Kate Aarnoutse
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