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Homeschooling Teens – How do Homeschoolers take the SAT?

January 16, 2008

Sign up online for the SAT at Here is the exact address:
They take the test at their local high school. They can choose any school on the list – some prefer to take the test at a private school. I don’t know if it’s possible to refuse a homeschooler, but I’ve never heard of it.Here is their page called “Homeschooled students and the SAT.” The parent can read more about the test and how it is administered.
This page proves how homeschool friendly the test is – they are VERY used to seeing us, it’s not unusual to them at all.

The college board also has a page called “Homeschooled students and college admission” that is very helpful.
When you read that page, though, remember that the college board website “sells” testing – that is their product. In a way, when you read that page, you have to filter through the advertisements for the other tests (AP, SAT 2, etc.)

The SAT test is a standardized test that meets the annual assessment requirements for Washington State. It’s also cheaper than going the usual testing route. The PSAT is much cheaper still – it’s only $15 or so.

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