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Surprise! Course Descriptions Needed Early!

October 20, 2012

The trials and tribulations of having a gifted child…  It’s not as easy as it may sound to others.  Surprises happen.  And you know, surprises are rarely convenient! For example, Lauren was surprised to find out she needed a transcript and course descriptions for her 14 year old, but it really paid off!

I wanted to tell you that my oldest son just was accepted to the dual enrollment program at Georgia Perimeter College. Here in Georgia, kids have to apply just as if they were going to full time college even to take one dual enrollment class  – in his case, Calculus 2.

This is my son who is profoundly gifted, oldest of our 9 kids and 4 years ahead in math & science. He also plays football and thus does not want to graduate from high school early. To make matters even more difficult, he wants to attend a state school that does not allow homeschoolers to dual enroll and PLAY division 1 FOOTBALL there! It’s going to be a LOOONNNGGG road ahead for all this!So the good news is that I have been keeping lots of records. I purchased your Comprehensive Record Solution last fall and started writing course descriptions. At 14, he has already accumulated more than 20 high school credits! I also made a transcript based on all of your advice.

Well, little did I know all that would be needed JUST to apply for one Calculus 2 dual enrollment class. I was SO glad I had your templates and suggestions to help me.

Last week, after submitting 25 course descriptions, a homeschool transcript, ACT scores, and 2 AP scores, he got theacceptance letter. Whew! Now we can proceed with the craziness of trying to get him into the ONE section of online Calculus 2 in January!

Just wanted to say thanks


It was wonderful to hear from Lauren.  It’s such good advice to start record keeping in junior high, but especially if you have a gifted child.

In this situation, I suggested that the Mom makes sure that community college classes won’t mess up NCAA eligibility for the future, since her son might be interested in college sports.  If you have questions about the NCAA, this blog post may help: NCAA 101 for Homeschoolers.   I also suggested that might become her new best friend. provides college level course without the official transcript.  It’s just pure learning at a college level, perfect for gifted kids ready for classes beyond high school curriculum.

I encourage parents to work ahead.  Don’t wait until you really need transcripts and course descriptions.  Instead, learn about them before you start high school, so you can be prepared and panic-free.  Don’t let anxiety keep you from enjoying high school.  Just relax and do a bit of research before it becomes urgent.  You’ll be glad you did!

The HomeScholar’s Total Transcript Solution will take the fear out of homeschool transcripts! 


  1. Kristine says:

    Great story!!

    October 21st, 2012 at 3:35 am

  2. Evelyn Krieger says:

    This is so helpful, Lee. My daughter,14, is taking her first Coursera history course through Princeton. It is challenging, but she is really enjoying it. This type of history course is a lot different from the straight-forward, mainly facts you get from a text book or some high schools. She finds it very stimulating. There are study guides, forums, a syllabus, an accompanying text (written by the professor), guest speakers, in addition to the video lectures. My daughter will use it as her history class on her transcript.

    October 21st, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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