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12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tip #1: Giving Gifts that Pay for College

December 12, 2014

12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tip #1: Giving Gifts that Pay for College

What makes colleges give students money? What do colleges want to see? They want to see specialization. If you read the college articles in “US News and World Report” or similar magazines, you’ll see that colleges want to see passion. What they are referring to is specialization or passionate interests unique to your child. Therefore, you want your homeschool records to demonstrate your student’s passion or specialization.

Colleges reward specialization with scholarships. During this season, give gifts that encourage your children’s passion and specialization, gifts that will fuel their love of learning, gifts that encourage reading, writing, and other basic skills, and gifts that encourage work experience. Other ideas include gifts that help you cope and homeschool more efficiently. It’s been a few years since I homeschooled, but I remember clearly how stressful and difficult it was at times. If you can find or give gifts that make your homeschool more efficient, you will get better at your job. That will be reflected in your homeschool records, and in the academics of your children.

Colleges often reward highly effective homeschools – and thorough homeschool records – with scholarships!

The 12 Days of Christmas #Homeschool Teaching Tip of the Day @TheHomeSchola

Giving Gifts That Pay for College

Colleges are looking for passion in students and our children are looking for presents that will help them pursue their passion. When you put those together, you get gift opportunities that help earn college scholarships! This course will give you ideas that will inspire you and your students, AND save money for college!

Regular price $15. Get lifetime online access to video, audio, handouts, and transcription. Buy Now!


What Christmas gifts are you buying for your kids this season that will help pay for college? Please share!

You may also be interested in my ebook, Homeschooling the Holidays: Sanity Saving Strategies and Gift Giving Ideas, available for Kindle/Kindle App!


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