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A Homeschool Parent's Dream...

Honey, There’s a Crazed Mob of
Scholarship Wielding Colleges
Pounding on Our Front Door!!

Read on to discover how you can ensure your student is given full and favorable consideration by your top college choices even if:

Your ancestor never bequeathed a massive endowment

You’ve never “wintered in Aspen” with a University Provost

Your last name isn’t emblazoned on the university medical center door

From the Desk of Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Dear Homeschool Parent,

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

I used to hate when my parents said, “back in my day…” Now that I’m the parent, I find myself thinking (if not outright saying) the same thing. One of my frequent laments is “Back in my day, going to college wasn’t so complex.”

Maybe you remember when…

  • College was almost affordable
  • Everyone who wanted to go, got to go
  • Most kids graduated with little or no debt
  • College scholarships weren't so incredibly competitive

Those days are as dated as my husband’s dance moves. College admissions is a high stakes business now and homeschool parents often feel ill-equipped to compete with public and private schools in gaining admission and scholarships.

In fact, the competitive nature of the college admissions game has breed a entire industry of private, college prep schools characterized by advanced placement academics, college admission coaches, elite sports leagues and “drill and kill” test prep.

It is almost a David and Goliath story. In this corner stands the thoroughly modern two income family with their SAT coaches, college consultants and elite academics. In the opposite corner stands the typical homeschool family with their limited financial resources, do-it-yourself guidance counseling and home-grown academics.

So whose kids do you think have the edge in the college admission and scholarship sweepstakes? The homeschoolled college-ready kid or the regular private and public school kid. Well, the answer may surprise you.

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Comprehensive Record Solution Buy Now

100% Risk Free Offer
Yes, Lee! This is just what we have been looking for! I want to gain the encouragement, validation, community and information I need to successfully homeschool my child through high school!

The Comprehensive Record Solution, includes:

  • Module 1: Encourage
  • HomeScholar Product
    • “Getting Acquainted” (Video and Audio Download)
    • “Why Bother Make a Comprehensive Record?” (Video and Audio Download)
    • The HomeScholar Sample Comprehensive Record E-book (PDF)
    • Samples of Success E-book (PDF)

  • Module 2: Equip
    • Comprehensive Record Template (Word Document)
    • Course Description Collection (Word Document)
    • Library of Standard Courses (Word Document)

  • Module 3: Educate
    • The Easy Truth About Course Descriptions E-book(PDF)
    • “Elements of a Comprehensive Record” (Video and Audio Download)
    • “Dealing with Special Situations”(Video and Audio Download)
    • “Submitting your Comprehensive Record to the Colleges“(Video and Audio Download)
    • “Turning Transcripts into Course Descriptions” (Video and Audio Download)
    • “How to Avoid Writing Course Descriptions” (Video and Audio Download)
    • “Putting it All Together”(Video and Audio Download)

  • Module 4: Empower:
    • Four in-depth document reviews of the individual course descriptions you are developing. I will review your work and give you valuable feedback that will build your confidence and empower you to complete this most important job.

  • Because I am ordering today, please also include …
    • Bonus 1: “Making a Transcript” Audio Course
    • Bonus 2: “The One-Hour Transcript Workshop” video training
    • Bonus 3: The HomeScholar High School Resource Pack
    • Bonus 4: “Record Keeping” video training
    • Bonus 5: The HomeScholar Answers Your Questions About Grades, Credits and Records (audio and video training)
    • Bonus 6: Free 30 day trial subscription to The HomeScholar Silver Training Club

Training and bonuses worth over $1,230, yours for the special introductory price of $147 $97.4

I understand this is a risk free offer and I am free to cancel my membership at any time by just sending an email to

I also understand I will have a full 60 days to get my money back if I am not completely satisfied

I guarantee you will be satisfied...or your money back!

Give your children a competitive advantage in the college admission game!

Comprehensive Record Solution Buy Now


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Please Note: We offer no guarantees, written or implied, that use of our products and services will result in college admissions or scholarship awards.

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