Free Homeschool Consulting

In order to support all parents homeschooling high school, I offer FREE 5 minute telephone consultations each week. I set aside an hour of time just to take calls from parents like you.

Call my toll free number, and you can talk to me for up to 5 minutes. That's plenty of time to get a quick question answered, or point you in the right direction.

Of course, if 5 minutes isn't enough time to get your questions answered, then you will want to check out my Gold Care Club. In addition to 20 minutes of weekly consultation, you get training videos, audios, tools and templates to make your homeschool high school experience more productive and rewarding. I also hold a free "members-only" live webinar each month to tackle the really tough homeschool high school questions. Learn more about Gold Care Club here.

My free office hours are every Wednesday,

1:00 to 2:00 PM (Pacific Time)
2:00 - 3:00 (Mountain)
3:00 - 4:00 (Central)
4:00 - 5:00 (Eastern)

Or, find your time zone here:

#Homeschool Consultations and Membership with @TheHomeScholar


homeschool consultation "Thank you very much for meeting with and consulting me in Seattle. It was a life changing experience. To hear that I need to do less is still a bit hard to deal with, but I am going to follow your advice. You really helped me to focus in on my high school student and his specific needs. I spent an afternoon typing up the transcript later the next week. That process of typing it up in an official form was wonderful. I looked at the work we've done in a hard copy format and felt so accomplished. Then as I sat and listed out what the two boys are going to do for high school this year it was easy to weed out some excess course work. You really know what to do to help a mom.


You are doing such a good work for homeschoolers. I wondered before meeting with you if I was just being silly and spending too much for something I should already know how to do after 14 years of homeschooling. I was not disappointed. In fact, you surpassed my hopes for help. Thank you, again. Hopefully I will get to book another appointment with you next summer. Keep up the great work/service you provide."
Your admiring fan,
~ Stacie in Utah

THomeschool familyhanks you for allowing up to 3 hours of your time to advise and encourage me. You are definitely gifted in listening and also analytical skills. I consider every minute and dollar spent a worthy investment for me as well as our entire family. Thank you for choosing to use your gifts and talents and wisdom to help me. I am truly thankful to you! I also believe we have a lot in common and wished we lived near one another. Even though we’re not at the same seasons in life, it’s rare to find like-minded friends. It’s encouraging to hear how God directed your family as many of the decisions you made are theologically and philosophically similar to what I have or would like to do. May God continue to bless you in this great work of ministry!"
~Sharon in Texas

Ann in CT

"Hi Lee,
You were SUCH a help! I was so excited after talking to you! After I spoke with you, my son and I had a long talk this afternoon--this is definitely one of the best blessings of homeschooling--the closeness that develops as you share your days together.
I want to thank you first of all for being so available to help--your breadth of knowledge and expertise are so appreciated! It's been a pleasure to get to know you and to learn from you--virtually and through your excellent materials, as well as by telephone!


I didn't get to all my questions today, which is fine--we went off in another, very good direction! I'm going to ask those questions here, and I will call again next Wednesday. Thank you SO MUCH, again, for all the very valuable and appreciated advice!"
~ Ann in CT

Jean in NC"Thank you so much for this info and for talking with me today. Your personal experiences that you shared with me, along with all the information, really helps a lot. Thanks for listening also. I tend to talk a lot, so it is refreshing to find someone who actually listens and thinks some of what I have to say is worth listening to. (Can't wait for your blog, LOL)


One thing during our conversation that I meant to mention was how valuable your information was on giving credit for high school courses when I don't use a curriculum. That is amazing to know. Knowing that is worth the whole price of your membership! Is there anyway to count all that as a credit for some kind of course? Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble so, but thank you SO MUCH! I will keep in touch."
~ Jean in North Carolina

Annie in Florida"Again, just 20 minutes with you and I feel so relieved! This "high school" thing is gonna be alright! Thanks for the list of books. Reading is the love language of both of my boys also. So I truly appreciate this list to give me a foundation. Thanks for everything you do."
~ Annie in Florida

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