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Attention: Homeschool parents who are thinking about high school…

Don’t be a “Homeschool Dropout”!
Graduate Your Children from
Homeschool High School and Rocket them
to Success in College and Life!

I can PROVE that you “have what it takes” to provide a superior high school education, even if you…

Have only a casual relationship with Algebra…

Aren’t necessarily the most organized mom on the planet...

Don’t have an extra $80,000 lying around to spend on private education.

Read on to discover the secret “rocket fuel” that will make your homeschool soar!

From the Desk of Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Dear Homeschool Parent,

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

See if this sounds familiar to you..

You earnestly desire to homeschool your children through high school graduation, but you're not there yet, and that means you've got a long road ahead.

You're cautiously optimistic. After all, your kids love homeschooling and everyone you talk to comments on how delightful and engaging they are, so you know you must be doing SOMETHING right.

Nevertheless, you're not sure you have what it takes to make the transition from elementary school to middle school to high school -- the big leagues. You pray that you will somehow be able to master the information you need to guide your kids successfully and to empower them to pursue their dreams.

At the same time, you're painfully aware of the well-hidden land mines that may lay in wait for you along your path. You've read enough of the homeschooling experts to know that there are a LOT of conflicting opinions on what it is you should do and how you should teach.

You'd love to trust them but you're just not convinced that their advice fits YOUR children
and YOUR homeschool.

You have serious lingering doubts. After all: it's been a long time since you were in high school and you fear the laid-back approach your parents took with you won't work in today's high intensity, high stakes college admissions game.

But you also know from watching friends who have given up homeschooling, exactly how quickly public and private schools can destroy all of the values, character and close family bonds you have so painstakingly nurtured.

So, some nights you toss and turn. Other nights, you can't sleep at all.

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  • You Have a Parent's Heart...
  • Hi, my name is Lee Binz and I'm concerned -- no make that worried -- that you're not getting the quality of homeschooling support you need...or deserve.

    I know your children are your treasure and there is NOTHING you wouldn't do to ensure they find their God-ordained place in this world. You’ve observed the carnage to human souls that takes place in our school system and you've VOWED not to let that happen to your kids.

    But if you're like most homeschoolers, you're not getting the support and information you need to teach the upper grades, nurture your child's development and guide them to the college of their dreams.

    I started The HomeScholar because I have a passionate commitment to help you homeschool high school -- the most challenging and rewarding time of your family's life

    Homeschooling is growing in popularity every year. It is estimated that over 1.5 million students are currently homeschooling in the United States. However, the homeschooling numbers drop quickly as the student reaches the middle school years.

    Homeschooling high school is a hard and dangerous business. It is demanding and requires an extraordinary commitment from both the parents and the child to be successful.

    As they say in the business world, with great risk will often come great reward. That has never been truer than in homeschooling high school.

    FACT: Homeschool high school graduates are exceptionally well prepared for college. They also have all the tools needed to outperform publicly educated students in the adult world. In my years of consulting, I’ve noticed families homeschooling high school seem to enjoy an extraordinary bond with their children, and suffer from few of the social problems so common in our public school system.

    Bullying? Nope.
    Dropping out? Never met one.
    Peer pressure? Yes, but mostly from siblings!
    Problems? You bet…but like I tell my non-homeschooling friends, “Homeschooler problems don’t seem nearly as nasty as other teens’ problems.
  • Tell Me Why?
  • So if the academic and social advantages of homeschooling are so great, why is it so common for parents to pull the plug and put their kids back in public school during the high school years?

    A few months ago, Jillian called me. She was frustrated and a bit angry. She felt no support from anyone about homeschooling through high school. It had finally gotten to be too much and she was ready to throw in the towel. More than anything, though, I sensed in Jillian a profound disappointment…sadness really.Her mind was saying “no, you can’t do this….” Her heart however, said “Keep going, it will get better….”

    I am witness to this sort of emotional conflict all the time. Sometimes my job isn’t to provide information at all; but rather, to just listen and provide some hope. In times like this, I often tell moms that the most common reaction of parents who have graduated their kids from homeschool is shock and amazement.

    Shock that they were able to do it and amazement at how well it turned out!

    Like Jillian, you will also face a critical crossroads when your child is somewhere between 6th and 9th grade. You must decide whether to continue homeschooling through high school graduation or choose a different path.

    Now if your decision was based merely on your experience homeschooling the lower grades, continuing through high school might be a slam-dunk. That’s because - if you are like my husband and I - you REALLY ENJOY homeschooling!

    But there’s something else, isn’t there? Just like Jillian, you also have a little voice, eating away at your confidence, whispering…

    “You can’t do this….”

    You are not alone. Parents from around the nation have told me that they love homeschooling and would love to continue through high school. The ones that drop out tell me they didn’t do it because homeschooling wasn’t working. They did it because of one or more of what I call “The Three Fears”:

    Fear of Failure: “I don’t know how to teach the upper grades and I don’t know where to get help”
    Fear of Harm: “I don’t want my kids penalized by colleges because they homeschooled high school”
    Fear of Isolation: “I’ll be all alone because none of my friends are continuing.”

    Sometimes it all boils down to whether the perceived risk of failure, harm and isolation is greater than the promised reward. For way too many families, the answer to this question – tragically – is yes, the perceived risk is greater than the promised reward.

  • I Felt Your Pain...
  • I know just how that feels.

    I also struggled with the fear of teaching my kids the high school subjects. And I had no idea how to find answers to my questions. To make matters worse, I knew my kids were headed for college AND we hadn’t saved nearly enough money.

    On top of it all, we had just moved to a new neighborhood that was MUCH LESS homeschool friendly, so the isolation I felt was VERY real.

    In addition to dealing with the “Three Fears,” our move to the new neighborhood came with some companion challenges. You see, we were moving closer to my husband’s aging parents partly so that they would have someone to care for them as they got older. So in addition to learning about homeschooling high school in a new environment without any existing friends, I was dealing with grandparents who didn’t fully understand why we would EVER want to homeschool high school.

    I tried to overcome my Fear of Failure by immersing myself in the resources from homeschooling experts. Unfortunately, I discovered that much of the high school information out there is darn near impenetrable.

    It seemed to me that the homeschool experts only offered opinion and guidance that was very closely aligned to THEIR preferred method of homeschooling.

    Making sense of all the high school advice out there became a huge ordeal. It required extreme diligence and discernment to select the gold amidst the dross. To be honest, the learning curve was huge, and it came at the time that I was the least emotionally prepared to tackle it.

    I had teenagers, after all, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they are DEMANDING (kind of like two-year olds!) Who has time to search out information, ingest it all, sort out what works and what doesn’t, integrate it into your own homeschool philosophy and develop a workable plan, when all the while your kids are in the next room complaining LOUDLY about the smell of their biology dissection!

    It was very difficult. And to be honest, it was sometimes extremely tempting to just put them back in school….

    I think my low point came at a Christmas party. It’s hard to be a homeschooler in a new neighborhood at a party filled with public school teachers. There wasn’t any OPEN hostility; it was more of the complete avoidance of any discussion about our kids, our homeschool, or our plans.

    It can feel terribly isolating when you’re not welcome to share important events in your life. And heaven forbid if I had an opinion. I might as well have been a carrier of the H1N1 virus!

    My problem was I was desperate for ANY encouragement, validation or information about homeschooling high school. I could have survived on even the slightest crumb of affirmation on our decision to homeschool. Here I was at an event FILLED with professional educators and I couldn’t even mention homeschooling without feeling marginalized. It was like being forced to fast on a cruise ship.

  • Pulling it Together...
  • I recognized at that party that what was really lacking in homeschooling plans was any sort of external support structure. Rather than just feel sorry for myself, I decided to create my own “Support Group.”

    My friend, Debbie, is a homeschool mom with boys only slightly older than mine who was living through the high school years. We took to each other like white on rice and offered each other support when it seemed like the whole universe was aligned against us. I’m telling you, it was like finding a glass of ice water in the midst of the desert…it made all the difference in the world!

    Looking back, Debbie and I provided each other with four critical ingredients for homeschool success:

    A willing ear to listen
    A gentle voice to correct
    A wise word to encourage
    A warm heart to accept

    I am convinced that with these four elements in place, even the most challenging homeschooling experience can succeed through high school graduation, with results that can exceed your wildest dreams!

    Why do I say this?

    Because I've seen it myself - in my life and the lives of others. In fact, not long ago I graduated my two boys after eight years of homeschooling independently. We weren't sure what to expect when we started the college application process. I knew my boys had received a tremendous education, I just wasn't confident that the colleges would accept our homeschool.

    Boy, was I ever wrong!

    I discovered the colleges were eagerly waiting for us!

    They loved our homeschool!
    They marveled at the education we provided!
    They were amazed at our records!
    They were impressedwith my children's socialization skills!
    Most of all, they fell in love with our students!

    The results: both boys received admission and great scholarships to every college they applied to. In addition, they both received four year, full-tuition scholarships from their first choice university!

    We saved $184,852 in tuition for both of our boys. The freedom that gave our family meant that I did not have to return to work as a registered nurse to pay for college.

    After homeschooling, I decided to “give myself away” by helping other homeschool parents successfully navigate the high school years.

    When I started The HomeScholar, all I wanted in the whole world was to make a difference in the lives of as many homeschoolers as possible — with “a willing ear, a gentle voice, a wise word and a warm heart.”

    I remember when my husband and I exhibited at our first homeschool convention as The HomeScholar, people would look at us funny because, even though we paid for a booth…we weren’t selling ANYTHING. All I wanted to do was “shout from the hilltop”…


    Well, that was apparently exactly the right message to exactly the right audience. Parents were STARVED for encouragement, validation, community and information about homeschooling high school. They had needs and questions…BIG NEEDS AND BIG QUESTIONS…so I set out to give them the answers.

  • The HomeScholar Answers Your "Biggest Questions!"
  • A short time ago, I launched my free mini-course on "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make Homeschooling High School." On the signup sheet I asked an innocent little question: "What is your biggest question about homeschooling high school?"

    I was expecting a few themes and some basic questions. What I wasn't prepared for was the overwhelming flood of fear, insecurity and questions that came pouring my way.

    Listen to the heart cry from some of these "biggest questions:"

    Are we doing enough?
    Are we covering what they'll need for college and life?
    Is homeschooling high school even possible?
    How do I fit it all in?
    I'm overwhelmed! How can I do it right?
    How can I make up for my mistakes?
    Will I be able to teach the difficult classes?

    Wow! My heart goes out to the thousands of parents who responded. I know how these questions feel because these were all MY questions. I remember sleepless nights where my husband and I stewed over these very fears.

    Getting the answers for our family was a long, arduous process of research, questioning, and study.

    Looking back, I was struck by how wonderful it would have been to be able to simply talk to a mom who had been through the process herself and be able to glean nuggets of information that could help. Like most people, I learn better from someone I know, like and trust.

    Then it struck me. Since there seems to be such a hunger for information about homeschooling high school, and since private consultation may be financially out of reach for many families, what if I collected all of my best helps and resources together in one place and make it available to everyone!

    And so...

  • The HomeScholar Gold Care Club Was Born!
  • Let's face it; no one is an expert on everything. I remember when my husband and I "hit the wall" in high school math. It's true, even engineers and nurses will reach a point where they need to turn to experts for help on certain subjects.

    It simply wasn't worth our time to relearn Algebra 2 and we felt we needed an expert's help. We solved the problem by purchasing a video math tutorial that fit our kids learning style. Outsourcing had come to our family!

    Homeschooling high school can be intimidating. Maybe your family would love to get an expert's help - to speak to someone who has gone ahead and surveyed the land; someone who can point out the traps and dangers.

    Remember: not everyone needs to be a pioneer! You can take advantage of those who have blazed the trail and can share with you what they've learned!

    Everyone who has faced the unknown recognizes the value in having someone nearby who has been there before and succeeded - someone who is eager to share the lessons they learned. That is what The HomeScholar Gold Care Club is all about.

  • A Homeschooling High School Support Group... When and Where You Need It!
  • Traditional homeschool support groups tend to focus on younger students. If you're lucky you might get one meeting a year focused on high school issues. When you are a member of the Gold Care Club you get high school support every month. In fact, you get it every day of the year - when it is convenient to you!

    No longer will you have to "drop everything and go" to a meeting. It will be there for you - what you need, when you need it! You will have fresh content every month (training audios, videos, articles, tools, templates and links.)

    Here's a Sneak Peak at What's Waiting for You Inside:

    How-To Training Courses: Videos and audios of selected public presentations by The HomeScholar, on subjects like "Preparing Homeschoolers for College," "Creating a Transcript," "Grades and Credits," and "Record Keeping" ($100 value!)
    Audio Instruction: Audio discussions to answer your "Biggest Questions," including all of the questions listed above! ($40 value)
    Personalized Support: Extended free office hours once a week, including a free weekly 20 minute phone consultation with document review. ($75 value)
    Group Support: Monthly group call/webinar where we can talk about your issues together with the community of Gold Care members and get insights and answers from different perspectives. ($75 value)
    In Depth Answers: Comprehensive answers to some of the most challenging high school questions posted for everyone to see and benefit from! ($75 value!)
    Templates and Tools: Expanded templates (including transcript templates) and tools to ease your high school journey ($80 value)
    Special Monthly Features: Ebook of the Month, Scholarship of the Month, Course Description of the Month, Schedule of the Month, and More! ($30 value)
    College Prep Checklists: Customized checklists for every year from middle school through high school ($75 value) HomeScholar Articles and Other Training Resources: A collection of ALL of my articles, with handy summaries and links, as well as other web training resources ($50 value)
    Convention Prices: The lowest prices available for all products from The HomeScholar. Every month we add more cool stuff for club members, so I am sure it will be your favorite homeschool resource!
  • It's All About Access
  • You will have access to me - a proven and respected homeschool high school expert - when you need it for all of your homeschool questions. I’m available to you to coach, encourage and support. You will also have access to training courses and tips on the toughest high school questions. You will have access to some of the best resources on the internet that will assist you as you walk this challenging and rewarding path.

  • Why Should I Join Now?
  • Homeschooling high school is a very defined journey for a very limited duration. It is a particularly crucial period of your family's life, one which is filled with promise along with challenges.

    For this period of your life, you owe it to yourself to get the very best expert help available to ease your way. You won't need it forever, but right now it may be the best gift you ever give yourself and your family.

    In order to allow me to provide the best level of support, we have decided to limit the Gold Care Club to just 400 members. We are rapidly reaching that limit and expect to be closed to new members soon. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to be part of this dynamic community and get the support you need, when you need it the most.

    Being a member of our Gold Care Club will SAVE you from many problems and woes. It will save you...

    Loads of time - You won't have to search for answers to your questions all over the internet; you can likely find it on the site or ask me for help!
    Loads of money - You will be empowered to homeschool your children the way YOU KNOW IS BEST and not have to spend THOUSANDS on certified teachers or accreditation agencies to feel validated!
    Loads of energy - Fear and worry can sap the life out of anyone. You don't need to be afraid! I know the secrets of homeschooling high school and I'm here to help you discover them too!

    In fact, I am so certain you will love being part of The HomeScholar Gold Care Club, I have decided let you become a member for only $47/month

    That's right. For just $47 per month, you can have access to all of the audios, all of the videos, all of the templates, all of the one-on-one consulting, and all of the tools and tips! If you love it (and I KNOW you will,) you don't have to do anything and you will get to enjoy the continually refreshed content for as long as you like for just $47 per month.

    A typical college consultant will charge between $100 and $150 per hour to help you put together your high school to college plan. The leading Regional High School currently charges over $1800 for JUST an accredited transcript! And if you want to talk to anyone about it, you’ll get dinged another $40 per hour!!

    For the price of a pizza dinner, the Gold Care Club gives you all the help you need to homeschool high school successfully.

    You risk nothing by joining right now. Put Gold Care membership to the test. If you don’t find yourself brimming with new found confidence in your ability to homeschool high school, you can cancel at anytime by sending me an email. Regardless, you will have full access to the bonuses whether or not you stay a member of the club. There’s no way you can lose.

    As I add more and more value to the Gold Care Club, I won’t be able to sustain the very low monthly membership price. So, make sure you join while the price is low and lock that price in for the future.

  • The Bottom Line...
  • Homeschooling high school is the greatest educational gift you can give your children. They will be better prepared for college and for life because of the decision you made to give them this precious gift.

    Yet, I suspect the greatest obstacle standing in the way of your decision to homeschool high school is a lack of confidence that you can do the job in a way that will give your children the preparation they deserve.

    The Gold Care Club will give you that confidence. Homeschooling high school is a transformative experience in the life of a family. It strengthens family relationships, solidifies cherished values, locks down critical knowledge and refines a child’s character. Don’t let concern about your personal capabilities or your level of knowledge rob your family of these priceless gifts.

  • Join TODAY and Get These 4 Awesome FREE BONUS GIFTS
  • Bonus 1: “Making a Transcript" Audio Training – This one hour audio course answers all your questions about how to create a winning homeschool transcript that colleges will love. One of my most popular lectures, you will love being able to listen and learn from the comfort of your home or car!

    Don’t even think about navigating the high school transcript minefield alone. Let me take you by the hand and give you the support you need. Together, we can create awesome transcripts that give your children an almost unfair college admission advantage over publicly educated kids — maybe even big, fat scholarships! (Value $15)

    Bonus 2: "High School Testing" Audio Training – Understanding the common high school tests can save you real money right now - AND that knowledge can save thousands of dollars on college by ensuring you take the tests that make your student look the very best they can to the colleges. There is over an hour of instructional material here that compares and contrasts all of the major high school tests, including the SAT and ACT.

    Included are general strategies and study tips we used to help each of our children raise their SAT scores by nearly 200 points per section. You will also learn how my family homeschooled one year of college using CLEP exams. Plus, in this exclusive Deluxe version, you will get the handouts I use when speaking to groups. You are going to feel a profound confidence knowing how to navigate these tests in a way that will make your students shine! (Value $ 35)

    Bonus 3: “Grades and Credits" Video Training -- This one hour video presentation will take the mystery out of assigning grades and credits. Given before a homeschool group in Seattle, this presentation will answer your questions and give you the confidence you need to assign grades and award credits that the colleges will believe!

    These simple strategies will cause you to heave a huge sigh of relief because you won’t be stressed about homeschool grades and credits again!

    Bonus 4: "The HomeScholar Answers Your Biggest Questions" Audio Training -- In these audio discussions, my husband and I discuss some of the BIGGEST questions parents have raised concerning homeschooling their students though high school. There are seven questions tackled on these audios:

    How do I get my children to take responsibility for their education?
    Are we covering all the necessary topics for college and life?
    Should I attempt high school if I want my child to go to college?
    How can I fit everything in without overwhelming my child?
    How am I going to do it? It seems so overwhelming.
    How do I avoid burnout?
    Why do I always feel like I'm not doing enough?
  • No Regrets...
  • Imagine 3, 4, 5, 6 years from now, when your child is accepted into the college of his or her dreams and everyone acknowledges it is because of the superior high school education you provided.

    At that moment, you'll be looking back proudly on the decision you made here today -- to get the support, encouragement and knowledge you needed to persevere -- as one of the wisest and most loving decisions of your entire life!

    I encourage you to act now act now and live your life with no regrets. In your heart of hearts, you know that homeschooling high school is the best decision you could ever make for your child and your family. Today, I want you to commit to getting the help you need to smooth your path and make your dreams come true!

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Personalized Support: Extended free office hours once a week, including a free weekly 20 minute consultation with document review. ($75 value)

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Special Monthly Features: Ebook of the Month, Scholarship of the Month, Course Description of the Month, Schedule of the Month and MORE! ($30 value)

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College Prep Checklists: Customized PDF checklists for every year from middle school through high school. ($75 value)

HomeScholar Articles and Other Training Resources: A collection of ALL of my articles, with handy summaries and links, as well as other web training resources. ($50 value)

Convention Prices: The lowest prices available for all products from The HomeScholar.

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