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Free Transcript Webinar - The "Nuts and Bolts" of Building Your Transcript:

You can learn the basics of building a transcript, including how to calculate grades and assign credit in this free one-hour training webinar. Sign up to get your free homeschool transcriptwebinar here.

Free Transcript Samples:

Record your student's homeschool high school experience on your own Official Homeschool Transcript, by subject and by year. By providing your own transcript, you retain your status as an independent homeschooler, and you maintain complete control over your student's academic record. This is the documentation that colleges require of all high school applicants.



Total Transcript Solution - the "Do it Almost Yourself" Transcript Option:


It's easy to make a transcript yourself, and I can help. First, purchase The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution. It comes with my definitive guide on homeschool transcripts, "The Easy Truth about Homeschool Transcripts. It's a pretty easy read in a conversational style. It will explain everything you need to know about making a high school transcript. With the purchase of the book, you will also receive templates in Word and Excel that you can use for free, giving you a wide choice of style for your transcript.

The Total Transcript Solution comes with weekly 20 minute phone consultations with me for an entire month. As you make your transcript, you can email it to me each week for for feedback. There is plenty of time to work through all your transcript questions and "get 'er done!"

As part of the offer, you also receive a one-month trial membership to The HomeScholar Silver Training Club. The membership site has audio and video courses on college preparation and transcripts.

After the free month, the Silver Training Club is $27 per month. The video and audio courses change each month, and there are so many other downloads and support materials that I'm sure you'll love it and want to stay around for the benefits and support it can provide.

For more information about homeschool grades, credits and transcripts, make sure to check out my free one hour transcript webinar

Full Transcript Service:

I work with you to develop class titles, grades and criteria and then develop the complete transcript that will look like the samples. Each year I will then quickly and easily update your student's transcript for you. The finished Word document becomes yours to edit as you please. This is your transcript, it belongs to you. I'm happy to help you and provide suggestions, but you will have complete control over the transcript and any changes you decide to make.

Price: $350 for the first year
$250 for each additional year

Email the The HomeScholar to schedule an appointment to start your student's transcript.

Personalized Transcript Support Option:

Spend two hours on the phone with me, talking about your homeschool. I'll ask a bunch of questions that will be easy for you to answer. I will capture what you should include and can even email you a Word template for for you to use to create the finished transcript. This is a quick and low cost alternative to having me create the full transcript for you.

Price: $250 for the consultation, transcript content and Word template

Email the The HomeScholar to schedule an appointment to start your student's transcript.



Happy Transcript Customer
"In April, my homeschooled senior daughter was applying to a very competitive specialty summer college program at a major Ivy League university. I had to come up with a really professional looking transcript, FAST, and I was really dreading it.

However, I ordered your Homeschool Total Transcript Solution guide, and it was all you said it was! I was able to write brief course descriptions and find legitimate credits in activities and learning experiences I had never thought of as 'transcript material' before! And the format was very professional and official looking, plus easy to use.

You even made the process fun!

She had very good SAT scores, and a unique portfolio, and -- in a program where they seldom give scholarships -- she received TWO different scholarships! So she was able to attend, and enjoyed a very intense and horizon-expanding six weeks. THANK YOU so much for your common-sense and friendly information.

It was worth about $6,000 to our family."

~ Sue in North Carolina


Dear Lee, Your e-book on transcripts came at just the right time for me! Our 16-year old homeschooled son just got his driver's license, and our auto insurance company told us that if I can quickly provide them a transcript with grades, he may be able to qualify for a "good student" discount, which will substantially reduce his insurance rate. So I was feverishly working on it Saturday, and as soon as your book was released, I purchased it and read the whole thing. It allayed a lot of my fears, answered a lot of my questions, and gave me the confidence to be able to assign grades to his courses. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. I like your approach to transcripts. A couple of years ago I purchased a few books on the subject of homeschool transcripts, and they were useful, but I really wish I had read yours back then, because it is so short, simple, friendly, and encouraging. I probably wouldn't have needed the others. If I could give a piece of advice to those starting high school, I would tell them to buy your book now, not later-- I wish I had created my son's transcript right when he began high school and kept it up to date all the way through, rather than procrastinating until I really needed to put one together."

~ Lorna in Ontario, Canada



Total Transcript Solution Easy Truth EBOOK

"Thank you so much Lee! You are such a blessing! I really appreciate it! I've been telling everyone about your ebook (which I actually printed because I can take it with me). You'll likely have more future orders! This Canadian loves your resource!'"

~ Donna


homeschool "My desire is to have a career that not only meets my needs, but also the needs of others. Because my future success is based on my education, attending college is important to me. I feel that God is calling me to make a difference by pursuing my dream of becoming a pediatrician. A well-written transcript will be a determining factor of whether or not I can achieve my goal. This being the first time that my mom has ever sent a child to college, I am sure this tool would be just what she needs to make what may seem like a daunting task a positive experience. I would like to give her this for Christmas."

~Morgan in WA


"I love your web site, the e-book The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts, and the free month trial of the Gold Care Club. I've been listen and gleaning from the audios in the Gold Care Club in the evening and really enjoying it. I never considered not homeschooling high school. However, as the time came, I still felt at a loss of how to do it despite reading and attempting to prepare in advance. I have read a fair bit of material on homeschooling high school. Yours is the best. I appreciate the fact that you think like me and you give specific ways to do things. I love the sticky note idea. Wow, will that save me from many migraines! Thank you for putting all this information together so others like myself can be mentored by it. Thank you for being so honest and encouraging.

~ Rebecca in South Carolina


"I hired Lee to help me with transcripts. Lee was wonderful. She called me and we discussed Allison's work over that time period and she helped flesh out the transcripts with really good questions. She not only asked about each and every usual subject, she also asked about outside activities, during her free time. These questions helped me to see all that we had accomplished during these two years! Lee compiled a professional transcript for Allison and sent it to me that day.

I found Lee's business to be extremely helpful to me. Could I have done it without her help? Possibly. I know that there are many free helps out there these days, but just having someone walk me through the first two years was a tremendous help. She not only helped me flesh out what needed to be put on each transcript, she helped me SEE what transcripts really look like. It is also nice to have actual transcript forms to just enter in the next year's work.

When it was time for me to enter in the next two years worth of school, I purchased Lee's The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts E-Book, plus I also joined the Gold Care Club. I got a bunch of free helps, along with more transcript templates and I also get one free 20 minute phone call with Lee each week for a month. Very nice. Through her website I was able to work through my transcripts without trouble and finished them all in under a week.

~ Lisa in Florida


"The transcript looks beautiful ! ! ! ! Okay, so is this word document that you created under lock and key in a fireproof file for safekeeping and adding to in coming years????!!! I am delighted to read of another scholarship. Thanks!!! Respectfully and with lots of hugs.....delighted that homeschooling allowed me to meet you, learn from you and benefit from your expertise!!!!! "

- Eileen in Washington


"I think Landon's transcript that you did for me is excellent. I just made two copies because he is applying at two colleges today. I am very grateful for all your help, I was really panicking and desperately wanted to do it right, I feel incredible relief now to know that it is done and looks so professional. Today I viewed your dvd about scholarships. I took four pages of notes, it was just full of good information. Thankfully I can watch it again to be sure I did not miss anything. I look forward to seeing the other dvd Finding a College. I may watch it tomorrow, we need to get this done asap."

- Linda in Washington



"I also want to highly recommend Lee's services to anyone who has questions about the high school years! I had a consultation with her yesterday and it was so helpful and amazing to watch Allison's transcript fill before my very eyes. I think as homeschoolers we can be VERY critical of our little schools and I didn't even realize how much was learned last year. Lee's service is truly a blessing and her rates are very reasonable! I will be using her service again next year and probably every year until both of my older kids are graduated."

- Lisa in Washington (emergency consultation w/ transcript)



"I want to thank to thank you, once again, for your help with Charlie's transcripts. As you know, it's tough to get back in public school after Homeschooling for many years. The first few weeks of High School were very daunting, to say the least. But, things got better. Last night my other son Nick and I went to the inaugural Senior Awards Night at the new Bonney Lake High School. Charlie, along with 23 other seniors were presented with the Double Gold Honor Cords, for achieving highest academic honors with an accumulated gpa of 3.76 or higher! I believe that without your help he might not even be graduating this year, let alone with top honors. I wish we knew what his plans for furthering his education were earlier, as he may have been awarded a scholarship or two. As soon as we decide which college he wants to go to, I would like to ask for your help once again, as I know you will be very helpful. His friend, Drew Chapman was presented with a FULL scholarship to WEST POINT valued at around $300,000! His parents would not have been able to afford anything like that without the appointment. Thank you , Lee for all your help,"

- Gord in Washington (unschooler)



"I love what you did and also the suggestions you made. I was wondering about those same things -- grade point average with the college credits, trends, etc. I will have to think it over a little bit, but it really helps having someone else give input like that.”

- Julie in Seattle



"Though I'm pretty organized, I know I can't do the record keeping, transcripts etc. without your help, nor do I want to! I ... was able to see an example of your work. I'm completely impressed and thrilled to know ...the angel that placed your flyers around!”

- Leslie in Duvall


"Yes, Yes, Yes, I love it. I love the way it looks all written down. Thank you so much. Money well spent.”

- Kerry in Billings


"I feel the same way. I could have prepared the transcript for my daughter. I had all of the information here... but it would have taken me FAR longer and it wouldn't have looked as nice. I love your format and your creative wording! For me your service is great for even those of us who *can* do it, but we don't have time.”

- Cynthia in Montana