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From the Desk of Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Dear Homeschool Parent,

That's the clock ticking. Sometime soon, you will be making the same decision that eventually faces every homeschooling family.... "What about high school?"

And when you reach that critical decision for your family, what will you do?

Will you make an emotional, fear-based decision from a position of weakness?


Will you make a carefully considered decision from a position of knowledge and confidence?

Unfortunately, most parents of children in elementary and junior high are doing little to prepare themselves for this exceedingly important decision. For some reason, it is easier to ignore the problem rather than looking at the issues directly. longer!

Now, thousands of wise parents all over the country are getting the information they need to homeschool high school successfully through a free,monthly e-newsletter, The HomeScholar Record. This newsletter can quickly provide you the confidence and strength you need when considering homeschooling the high school years.

Here are those eight reasons I was telling you about:

  • In depth, informative articles on critical high school issues from a name you have grown to trust, Lee Binz, The HomeScholar
  • Quality advice to solve your most vexing high school problems
  • Calendar reminders so you won't miss critical tasks and tests
  • Links to continuing education resources that will keep you in the know!
  • Fun strategies for engaging a multi-age homeschool with enjoyable projects for younger children
  • Inspiring success stories from those who have gone before you and discovered that homeschooling high school works!
  • Valuable "subscriber-only" discounts to HomeScholar products and services
  • Invitations to timely presentations from The HomeScholar on key high school issues.

Homeschooling high school...

You've dreamed about it...

You've wondered about it...

You've stressed about it...



Hi Lee, Got your newsletter today. One word - Awesome! Every time I read your blog or any of your articles I find myself thinking of tons of people who need this information.

Lee, Thank you for your most recent installment of The HomeScholar Record. It was, as always, so informative. I appreciate your ability to cram a large quantity of material into such a small package. I never feel like I need to search for the gems.

I am so excited to read the newsletter! I am so encouraged by you and those of you who have moved through high school with success! I have forwarded your email to our Homeschool co-op. I know that there are many families out...

Read more

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They NEED this information as well!