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Parent Training A la Carte

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Homeschool Through High School Without Fear (Regardless of Your Background or Educational Credentials!)

For every homeschool question you have, I have the answer. These one hour training courses will help every homeschool parent...

LEARN ESSENTIAL INFORMATION that will enable you to get the most out of your homeschool

FEEL COMPLETELY CONFIDENT in your ability to homeschool your child through graduation..and successfully launch them into college and life!

From the Desk of Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Dear Homeschool Parent,

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Parent Training A la Carte is my exclusive offering of online training webinars covering all the difficult topics you’ll encounter homeschooling middle school and high school. Each presentation comes with:

  • Online video presentation
  • Downloadable audio
  • Handouts
  • Transcription
  • Additional reading and resources

And the best part is each presentation is just $15! LEARN ESSENTIAL INFORMATION that will enable you to get the most out of your homeschool… FEEL COMPLETELY CONFIDENT in your ability to homeschool your child through graduation…and successfully launch them into college and life! There are a lot of courses and we are adding new ones all the time! Read on to find the PERFECT class for you today!

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Erase your fears about how to graduate your homeschooler and get a great head start on your party planning. We will cover senior portraits, memory boards, slide shows, cap and gown, group events, diplomas and home party planning. You will not want to miss this idea-filled webinar that will inspire you to make your homeschool graduation memorable!
In this webinar, we will discuss what classes you need to teach, how to get them covered within four years, and ideas for planning your homeschool week. Use what you know about your students and their learning styles and consider the subjects that colleges want to see.
This webinar will help you plan your course of action after high school. You will learn about: CLEP, Community College, Online classes, Working, Regular college, College Plus, Gap Year.

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Learn what a guidance counselor does - and why parents are the best high school guidance counselors. Learn to educate with flexibility, plan classes, arrange tests, find a college, and guide the...

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'Tis the Season for family, friends and festivities. You can still have a great time and a meaningful holiday without losing track of your grand plan for college! In this webinar, we will first...

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This is real-life help for college admission essays. Learn how to have your student write a compelling story about themselves so colleges will listen. A great college admission essay is a...

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My favorite “two birds with one stone” topic! In this valuable webinar, we will cover finding private scholarships, scholarship essay writing, counting essays for high school English credit, and...

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Colleges may call it "passion" and homeschoolers may call it "specialization." Whatever the name, delight directed learning can help you homeschool now and help your teenager with choosing a college...

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Find the college or university that will love your student almost as much as you do! Topics include finding colleges to visit, comparing college statistics, getting to know colleges, visiting...

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