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Best selling author, conference speaker and homeschool consultant, Lee specializes in helping parents homeschool high school with excellence. Take a look around. I'm certain you will find the help you need!

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May 2016 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar   If you ask a typical homeschool parent what was the scariest thing about homeschooling high school, I bet you’d find transcripts somewhere near the top of their list. I want to remove your fear of transcripts! Cue the “Missio

April 2016By Lee Binz The HomeScholar Tubbies, Cubbies, and Binder Queens Regardless of whether you are a perfectly organized homeschool mom or not, you've probably given some thought to high school records. Whether you feel the panic, want to stick your head in the san

March 2016 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar   Keep it Simple! You have only one goal per year in the four years of high school It can be overwhelming. After years of happily homeschooling young children, parents see high school looming ahead and suddenly panic. Record keep

February 2016 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar Set Logical Technology Boundaries to Increase Learning Have you struggled with a technology balance in your homeschool? This article is a brief excerpt from my new book, TechnoLogic: How to Set Logical Technology Boundaries and

January 2016 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar Remember the Gift, Forget the Pain How do we find the faith to homeschool high school? When the laundry is piling up, the baby is crying, or a teen is having a fit over their math lesson, it's easy to forget the reasons we love

December 2015 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar It happens every Christmas … all your warm, fuzzy ideals end up in shambles, and you end up feeling frazzled and stressed. The easiest way to stay sane through the holidays is to set balanced expectations of yourself, your fa