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"The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School"

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Setting the Records Straight Here's the complete resource of homeschool records. Easy to read and logically organized, this book provides visual examples from real homeschool families of successful homeschool documentation, Learn how to craft homeschool transcript for colle...
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Comprehensive Record Solution The Comprehensive Record Solution provides what you need to create homeschool records to amaze and impress the colleges. You get training and templates and real life examples of successful high school records; including my own which resulted in ...
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Gold Care Club The Gold Care Club is a complete homeschool high school online support system. It provides “How-To Training” tools and templates for parents at every stage. From beginner videos to advanced topics, you will get the information you need in th...
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Discover how to find "The Love of your Life", that is, the college or university that will love your students as much as you do! In this 50 minute DVD, Lee Binz shares what to look for in a college...

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Learn an expert's secrets for positioning your student to get HUGE merit based scholarships. Lee Binz was able to get both of her children four-year full-tuition scholarships to their first choice...

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The general strategies for gifted education are the same for everyone else: teach every subject at their level all the time, and balance their social and academic needs. Hear from a mother who truly...

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Understanding the common high school tests can save you real money, and that knowledge can save thousands of dollars on college. Learn about the SAT, ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, PLAN, SAT Subject Tests, AP, and...

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Learn to homeschool high school with confidence. Topics include high school courses, planning lessons, assigning grades, determining credit, keeping great records, navigating the standard high school...

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Learn what a guidance counselor does - and why parents are the best high school guidance counselors. Learn to educate with flexibility, plan classes, arrange tests, find a college, and guide the...

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