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The 12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tips #4: Delight Directed Learning

December 15, 2015

12 Days of ChristmasThe 12 Days of Teaching Tips #4: Delight Directed Learning

What is delight directed learning? Delight directed learning has to do with fostering the love of learning. That lifelong learning style is important for children to become learners who can adapt to any situation. Delight directed learning can improve the co-operation of your teenagers. It can also reduce burnout if they are more involved in what they do. If they’re more tuned in to what they’re learning, then they become less burned out and need fewer breaks. This kind of approach makes learning more meaningful to your child. It makes more sense when you apply it to something they care about.

Providing opportunity is the key to sparking a passion and interest in your child. If your child’s life is too full and has no margin, they won’t be able to pursue their interests. If they never get to try new things (or you never make them try), they might miss out on the discovery of a new interest. Structuring your other academics so your child can pursue their interest – perhaps focusing on academics for four days and leaving the fifth for delight directed learning, like we did – will provide them with opportunity to explore.

Colleges love to see students who have a unique interest or skill. They get tired of the same old ‘cookie cutter’ students, and welcome students who are different. Use your child’s unique gifts to help them stand out from the crowd, earn scholarships, and perhaps even sow the seeds for a lifetime pursuit or career.

Resources for Delight Directed Learning

Article: Encouraging Delight Directed Learning at the High School Level
Coordinating Book: Delight Directed Learning: Guide Your Homeschooler Toward Passionate Learning
Online Class: Delight Directed Learning

The 12 Days of Christmas #Homeschool Teaching Tip of the Day @TheHomeSchola
Delight Directed Learning

Colleges may call it “passion” and homeschoolers may call it “specialization.” Whatever the name, delight directed learning can help you homeschool now and help your teenager with choosing a college major and making career plans for the future.

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