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The 12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tips #6: Reading and Award Lists

December 17, 2015

12 Days of ChristmasThe 12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tips #6: Reading and Award Lists

Are activities and awards important in high school? A commitment to an activity over multiple years of high school can predict success in college. Therefore, many colleges will be more likely to extend admission and scholarships to a well-rounded student. But how do you convey your child’s activities and awards so a college will see this success? The transcript can only show so much, and not every activity translates into something on a course description. The way to demonstrate your child’s talent is to include an activity and awards list with your college applications.

Not everything can be reduced to grades and credits; some things you just can’t quantify on a transcript. These lists can fill in that missing information, and show a third-dimension to your child. The more ‘pictures’ of your child a college has, the more likely they will understand your child’s unique strengths and gifts. Scholarship money is a typical result of this!

Reading lists are important both for students who are voracious readers and those who are reluctant to pick up a book. They show a college the depth and breadth of your child’s interests and abilities, again adding another dimension to your child. These lists can include books your child has read for academic purposes or just for fun, as well as books on tape, books you read aloud as a family, or books that were only 75% completed. They don’t need to be listed as a bibliography – title and author is just fine.

When you include these extras with your child’s transcript and course descriptions, a college is more likely to notice them from amidst the crowd of cookie cutter kids. Take the time and reap the benefits!

Resources for High School Reading and Award Lists

Article: College Bound Reading List
Article: How to Create an Extraordinary Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens
Coordinating Reference Book: Setting the Records Straight
Online Class: Reading and Award Lists

The 12 Days of Christmas #Homeschool Teaching Tip of the Day

A well-conceived reading and award list can help colleges “fill in the blanks,” and make an accurate assessment of whether your student is well-educated and ready for college, as well as a good fit for their school. This class will demonstrate how to create a reading and award list that will help your student gain an edge in the college admissions game.

Regular Price $15. Lifetime online access to video, audio, handouts and transcription. Buy Now!

You may also like Lee Binz’ book, Setting the Records Straight, which provides all the tools you need to organize your homeschool records and create your high school transcript. Buy Now!



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